Want stylish Alert box Javascript

Hi Friends,

Right now at my joomla website I am having simple alert box that is just alert and it is simple box which javascript provides.

But have to make it stylish means it should have title and detail. After good research for it I found this below url


In that the first one which is very preety and simple one

Stylish JavaScript Dialog (Alert, Confirm, Prompt) Boxes

But I want to know that if I include this all jquery js file in the joomla site then it should not affect existing functionality and flow.

My purpose is I want very simple code/jquery or any other file which provides just simple stylish alert box.. I dont want to go for any popup or any extra more code for this functionality.

Please help me and suggest me that whether I use this above one or any other better option which is very simple and easy and not disturbing  other functionality

Thanks a lot in advance.





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